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New Site, New Feng Office & New Pricing Model

By 28 November, 2011June 7th, 2024No Comments

We are really happy.

We’ve been working for over a year on the new Feng Office 2.0.

While Feng Office 2.0 will still be in beta for a short while, we’ve decided to start offering to our new clients as of today.

Feng Office 2.0 comes with a bunch of new Business Features to help you better run your Office.

In short, Feng Office has been divided in two parts:

  • Feng Office Core (‘The Core’, for shorter)
  • The Plugins

The Core

The Core is the Collaboration Platform. It has all the essential pieces that any and all Feng Office servers will need, at a minimum.

The Core is to be kept small (lean) and fast.

All the goodies (business and organization-specific features) should be ‘plugged in’.

The Editions


Feng Office Editions are officially supported collections of plug-ins that serve a particular organizational type of need.

As of today, Feng Office provides two Editions for you to chose from:

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition


Community Edition

The Community Edition (CE) is designed to fit the needs of most non-commercial teams and some businesses. It is based on the concepts of Workspaces and Tags.

This edition is equivalent to the ‘old’ Feng Office (Feng Office 1.7), and will continue to be released as Open Source.


Professional Edition


The Professional Edition (PE) is designed to fit Professional Services Firms and other Knowledge-based businesses.

While Feng Office PE is based on the concepts of Clients and Projects, it will be possible to add as many concepts as necessary for your particular business needs, such as Prospects, Leads, Services, Campaigns, Workspaces, Divisions, and so on.

The Professional Edition also provides exclusive features like invoicing, expense management, and budgeting. More exclusive features coming soon.

Support for current installations on 1.7 version

We understand many customers will want to keep the current version.

We will continue to provide 1.7-based service for all our current clients, with the choice of keeping the same version and pricing model.

Also, in a short time we will be providing the opportunity to upgrade to the new version. As Feng Office 2.0 has many ‘structural’ changes, the migration process may present some risks. So we will not rush into migrating everyone, and will do it on a slow and on-demand schedule. More details will be e-mailed to each client.


Feng Sky and Feng Onsite offerings are now based on the Professional Edition.

We will offer the Community Edition on demand, at a 30% discounted price for NPOs, Research and Academic institutions (discounts subject to Feng Office Management approval. Legal Documentation proving Organization Status will be required before quoting and assessment work).

The Community Edition will remain available for downloading free of charge. Please remember free-downloaded Installations not subscribed to any Feng Office Plans are unsupported. This means we will not be replying to technical inquiries regarding these installations through any of our sales channels. You may receive unofficial (and sometimes official) support through the forum and wiki, though we encourage all businesses relying on Feng Office to subscribe to our official support plans, not only to ensure timely response to your needs, but to support the continuous development of the software you love.


Feng Office Community Edition 2.0.beta3 is ready to download and test. See Francisco’s announcement.

Enjoy! 🙂