Better communication

Improve communication within your company

Forget chaotic days where you have to be on top of a million individual tasks, dozens of Outlook inboxes, documents all around, and projects running out of time.
Feng Office helps you stay on top of every single one of your projects or clients, and maintain all the information centralized and accessible in one place.
Delegate tasks efficiently and don’t worry about colleagues not knowing what to do or when to do it.
Always know what’s in progress, what’s coming up next, and who’s in charge of what.

Improved productivity

Boost your productivity and ensure better project outcomes

Feng Office adapts to the way you work, and not the other way around.
It provides configurable task templates, custom actions and fields, and a hierarchy organization system that you can set up yourself.
Feng Office is completely customizable to the way you run your business, so adoption will be seamless for everyone.
Great business processes won’t succeed unless you have a complete birds-eye view of how well the project is being followed up on and executed.
Be able to analyze your work processes, the profitability of your projects, and how efficiently your business is operating.

Save Time and Money

Attend to more clients and projects in less time

Feng Office automates manual tasks that will help you execute projects faster, giving you the power to attend to a higher number of projects and clients, in less time.
Spend less time processing and searching for data or manually creating new work processes, saving you valuable work time that can be better spent on future projects.
With improved project efficiency, be ready to watch your profits sore.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Stay on top of every client and project

Always know when to contact them, in order to meet their expectations and assist them right away.
When tasks are completed on time, and you are up to date with the status of each project and client... you can better serve your client needs.
Clients that are assured efficient customer care are more likely to trust you with more projects or tasks, and even better, recommend you to other colleagues.

Higher Return on Investments

See improved profits

Better communication and well-defined processes lead to higher levels of productivity and client satisfaction.
This only adds up to one thing: Improved Profits.
Whether you use your increased productivity levels to reduce your costs, better attend to a growing customer base, or invest in your business, Feng Office allows you to gain control of your budget and your profits.

World-class customer service

24/7  Support

Subscribed customers get 24/7, 365 support, with industry-leading response times.

Try any Edition for free and experience it for yourself, or contact us if you have any questions.

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