What is Feng Office

Feng Office is business management platform. It provides powerful and flexible tracking, management and automation tools for running businesses, projects and services large and small. All its modules are seamlessly connected and integrated through an easy to use interface that makes organizing and browsing all your information a very intuitive task.

We are constantly adding new and more powerful automation, improving its ease of use and performance, and integrating with external tools to support your business operations, delivering lots of value to our clients and our community.

Mission & Values

Improve the quality of teamwork

Feng Office mission is to improve the quality and efficiency of teamwork at all types of businesses and organizations.

Happy users and clients

We believe the use of Feng Office should increase your team’s efficiency, but it should play a fundamental part in achieving a higher level of happiness in our users, clients, employees, vendors, investors, and our community.

Commitment and integrity

We are committed to work with integrity, honesty, responsibility, and respect for everyone joining and crossing our path in the journey to achieve our mission and goals.


Our team values and encourages passion, discipline, personal and professional growth, diversity, and good spirits.

Our Team

Conrado Vina

CEO, Founder

Sebastian Lois


Alvaro Torterola

Lead Architect

Gaston Dasanbiagio

Lead Software Engineer

Ana Arenas

Account Executive

Alex Zonis

Software Engineer

Nicolas Lois


Liliana Ochoa

Account Executive

Andrea Escobar

Administrative Manager

Danilo Zurita