Feng Office Release Notes – 3.10

By 27 February, 2024No Comments

We’re back with another stellar update! Feng Office version 3.10 brings a host of new features to enhance your experience. Let’s dive into the highlights:

New feature: Forecast vs. actuals report

  • High level view of the entire company revenue and cost forecast

  • Quickly compare your forecast against actuals

  • Select the period of your preference

New feature: Project budget by tasks report

  • Quickly identify those project and tasks where you are over budget and take corrective actions.

  • 360 degrees view of you project health

  • Cross project progress information against the budget consumed

  • Expand each task to see the full detail of time entries and expenses linked to it

Revamped: Better logs history

We’ve enhanced the logs history feature by introducing a view history option for more elements within the system. Now, you can track and review changes in expenses, time entries, and emails with greater clarity and detail.

New Feature: Vendors widget

Introducing the Vendors Widget in our overview! Now, you can easily access and view the list of your vendors or suppliers, providing you with a convenient snapshot of your business relationships.

Revamped: Microsoft connection

With the implementation of Microsoft’s new authentication method, our integration seamlessly supports calendars and email. Experience a smoother and more efficient connection with the revamped Microsoft integration.

Revamped: Overtime calculations module

In the time entry module, the system automatically calculates employee time based on your local regulations, ensuring accurate payroll processing and simplifying time management. This provides greater flexibility in managing and tracking hours worked and payroll time.

New Feature: T-sheets connection

Building on the improvements in overtime tracking, you can now sync seamlessly with T-Sheets. This integration ensures accurate tracking of hours worked and enhances overall time management capabilities.

New Feature: Support the same payment methods as configured in QBO

A valuable addition to our QuickBooks integration! Support methods for expenses are now synchronized, enhancing the accuracy and completeness of your financial records.

Revamped: Import tool improvements

We’ve expanded the capabilities of our import tool by adding more available fields for importing legacy data. This enhancement provides users with greater flexibility and options when migrating data.

Revamped: Mobile version improvements

Experience a more feature-rich mobile version with additional fields now available. Stay productive on the go with improved access to essential information on your mobile device.