Feng Office 3.11 Release Notes

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Feng Office Invoice Module and Other Improvements!

PHP 8 Compatibility

Feng Office now fully supports PHP 8, ensuring seamless performance and compatibility with the latest PHP version. Embrace the latest advancements in PHP technology while enjoying the powerful capabilities of Feng Office.

From The PHP Group:

PHP 8.0 is a major update of the PHP language. It contains many new features and optimizations including named arguments, union types, attributes, constructor property promotion, match expression, nullsafe operator, JIT, and improvements in the type system, error handling, and consistency.

Billing module enhancements

We have improved one of the modules that delivers the biggest impact on our clients: The Billing module.

Among other improvements, we have released an Invoice Status Widget for the Overview panel that helps you understand the status of invoice payments, showing on one screen the Open/Active invoices, pending, and other statuses. This will allow you to have a glimpse of the whole business on one screen.

Contact us to learn more about the improvements we have made and how they can help you streamline your business invoicing process.  

Performance and Stability

We continue to improve the stability and security of Feng Office, with several performance improvements and bug fixes.

New and improved project financials

We added several financial KPIs to help you understand the performance of your business with the power of data analysis and information collection:

  • A great deal of financial information is now built into your projects out of the box
  • Enhanced support for Time and Materials and Fixed-fee projects
  • New: real-time management of invoicing status for tasks based on fixed-fee invoicing
  • Improved User experience for managing the price and cost values of tasks
  • New: Invoice payment status widget on the dashboard
  • New: User experience improvements on Credit Notes.

User Experience improvements

  • New: The possibility of re-classifying objects linked to tasks when re-classifying a task.
  • New: Collection of Reports, to improve your business intelligence and understanding of different aspects of your firm.
  • Rules for mailing classification and general organization.
  • The Sharepoint Plugin has a new configuration interface.
  • New: Utilization report, to better understand the productivity of the operation during a certain period.

Next Steps

If you are not using Feng Office, the first thing you should do is get a free Feng Office account (It’s free!).
Or you can sign up for a demo and get a personalized presentation from one of our specialists:

We appreciate your feedback and contributions to making Feng Office even better. Please feel free to report any issues, suggest improvements, or contribute to them by reaching out to your Account Manager.

If you are using the Community Edition you can download the latest version from the GitHub Repository.

If you are using the Professional Edition contact us or your Account Manager for the Upgrade Steps.