New release: FengOffice v1.7.5

By 14 June, 2011June 7th, 2024No Comments

We are very proud to announce the release of the new version of Feng Office. FengOffice v1.7.5 comes with many improvements mostly related to simplifying its use and strengthening its security. Also, most of the texts in the wizard have been enhanced. Below is a breakdown of the improvements.

– Improvement on the creation of a New User:

The information required to create a New User has been optimized. Now, instead of the four fields required (name, email, company and user type) you are only required to fill the first two fields.
Also, the layout has been modified to a more user friendly configuration.

– Create a New User while you create a New Task:

In the New Task form we have added the option to create a New User. This benefits the user by allowing the action without having to travel to the administration panel.

– Improvements on our Wizard:

The Wizard for new users has been improved. Now it helps new users through the process of creating users. Also, some of the texts have been changed in order to optimize user comprehension.

– More Security and Confidentiality:

We have improved the implementation of data encryption (SSL – Secure Socket Layer) to further improve the security and secure the confidentiality of Feng Office