Feng Office 2.0.0 released to the general public

By 22 March, 2012No Comments

It is with great pleasure that Feng Office announces the release of Feng Office 2.0.0 to the general public.

This release means a lot of things. We will try to quickly cover each aspect of Feng Office 2.0.0 in this post.

1. More benefits for all the users

There are several new features already shipped with Feng 2.0.0, and many, many more coming in future releases.

Since the main benefit of the new version is a better foundation, upcoming features already planned will come out faster, and more robust.

While most of the new features have already been described in previous posts, we will publish further details of new features already shipped in a follow-up post. Plus, you should expect many new features and modules very soon. So please, stay tuned.

2. Ability to upgrade, for all

One of the biggest challenges of doing a new release was to provide a migration script to transform all 1.7.5 installations data into the new 2.0 architecture.

Successfully developing this script took a lot of effort in design, development, and testing.

Now everyone will be able to update their installations. We will start sending e-mail messages to each client to start planning together the best upgrading plan for each one of you.

3. More benefits for System Administrators and CTOs

System Administrators and CTOs in charge of setting up and maintaining the information architecture of their organizations and projects will have a much more powerful platform to work with.

More developer tools and the extension of the Workspaces concept into the most advanced ‘Multiple-Dimensions’ will enable your potential to organize all your company information into a single, integrated central platform.

4. More benefits for developers

Better architecture, a new plug-in and API system, and the extension of the Workspaces concept into the most advanced ‘Multiple-Dimensions’ will unleash the potential of developers to extend the functionality of Feng Office to meet the needs of all kinds of organizations.

We will be releasing more information about the API and new plug-in system soon on a separate blog post.


For the team, this release is the culmination of a great effort. It brings both immense satisfaction and gratefulness.

We could not have achieved this very important milestone if it wasn’t for the support and understanding of all our clients and users who accompanied us through all this transition year.

We want to thank everyone who helped us test Feng Office 2.0 during our beta releases, and provided us with great feedback on improvements and bugs.

And last, but not least, we want to thank everyone who supported the team, the project and the company in any way, from cheerful words to great ideas and contracting our services.

To every one of you: THANK YOU!