Your story and how Feng Office helps you out

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Keeping up with our series on “Your story and how Feng Office helps you”, we contacted Jeff Froikin Gordon, Ph.D., Co-founder of AgSquared.

“As a small distributed team, we need a great information management tool to help us keep all of our thoughts in one place and all of our activities coordinated. Feng Office is a brilliantly-organized and simple-to-use collaboration tool that lets us stop focusing on process and instead put our energy into getting things done. We’ve tried a number of other tools, but none were as well-thought-out as Feng Office – with great features like comment threads, linked information, and workspaces, our teammates from around the world can brainstorm together creatively, and never worry that their thoughts will be hard to find later. We’ve been using Feng Office for nearly a year now, and we have no plans to ever go back.”

Jeff Froikin Gordon, Ph.D.

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