Welcome to your all-new Feng Office

We are celebrating the launch of our new brand and our new website with something very special:

You can now get a completely free Feng Sky account.

So if you still don’t have your own Feng Office, now you can get a Starter Edition absolutely free!

We have so many people to thank

This was a very ambitious project and it has been in the making for almost an entire year now.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in this project:

  • Absolutely everyone at the Feng Office team
  • Our supportive clients, without whom any of these would be possible
  • Our family, our business partners, our amazing community, and our friends
  • Our Web design studio – Dugson
  • Our vector graphics partner – Vexels
  • Our brand and graphics designers – Lucía Lluberas and Alejandro Val
  • Our SEO agency – dahseo


We wouldn’t have made it without your hard work, patience, your constant support and your feedback

For the Feng Office team it is now time for a short and sweet celebration.