Your story and how Feng Office helps you – Mickael Kurmann of Panorama Profil line S.A.

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Keeping up with our series on “Your story and how Feng Office helps you”, we contacted Mickael Kurmann, Co-Founder of Panorama Profil line S.A.

“We are a company located in Switzerland and working in windows and external doors.

The main and really GREAT point of Feng Office is its simplicity and flexibility. We used Feng to structure our company processes and now we are able to know what happens and when, at every moment.

Another point that made me chose Feng, is because it’s opensource, we can see how it works, eventually adapt it to our needs and WE OWN OUR DATA.

It’s really simple to install and straightforward to configure.

We had some issue, nothing is perfect, but Feng support is really quick and competent! I bought many private software with poor support.”

Mickael Kurmann
Panorama Profile line S.A.

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