Your Story and how Feng Office helps you – Magdalena Rodriguez of Pro Internacional

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Continuing with our series on “Your story and how Feng Office helps you”, we contacted Magdalena Rodriguez, Director of Pro Internacional.

“Our service can be qualified as massive and low rate, both reasons why we need to manage this perfectly so the earnings are higher. In this sense, Feng Office has helped us to monitor the advances of each project, the amount of hours destined to each task and to track our contact with our customers.

The best thing about Feng Office is that the system covers all the aspects of office management. From the handling of a data base of customers, work history, tracking of projects, graphs that show which customers are the most profitable and which are less profitable, etc.

Since we started using Feng Office, we have reduced a series of individual tools that each employee had to use in order to do their job. Now everything is centralized; contacts, notes, tasks, history, etc. It,s an amazing and easy-to-use system. It helped us to centralize all the company,s operations and also to increase 50% our effectiveness. The power in tracking what an employee is working on and how much time a task takes, helped us effectuate our production in a notorious way. It also gave us the tool to manage the contact with our customers in an easy and independent manner.”

Magdalena Rodriguez
Pro Internacional

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