Your Story and how Feng Office helps you – Jeronimo Perez from Asesoria Legis

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Continuing with our series on “Your story and how Feng Office helps you”, we contacted Jeronimo Perez, Director of Asesoria Legis.

“We already worked as an online business that practiced telecommuting, but we had always wanted to dispose of a real online office. We already worked with a similar software but with much less potential than Feng Office.

The feature that quickly grasped our attention was the initial screen where you could see the most relevant information about the whole company with just a glance. With FO you have all your office on screen available 24/7 and from anywhere.

The cost is acceptable given the service they provide; the relation quality/Price is really good. On the other hand, the FO Support department has excellent professionals who are always ready to solve problems and are open to any improvement or suggestion. It’s great how quickly they act.

Without a doubt I recommend FO to any company, government agency, or university, given that they all need to share information with their colleagues, customers, and suppliers, and FO is the ideal tool for this no doubt.”

Jeronimo Perez
Asesoria Legis


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