New video for Feng Office out!

By: Conrado Vina

I know we should be telling you about the latest releases we have done and all the new features, bug fixes, translation improvements packed in there… Which are awesome!

But we are so happy with our new video that we just wanted to share this with the world:

In a future post we will tell you more about the pleasure it has been working with our friends at MyPromoVideos. To them: a big THANK YOU for your initiative, dedication, and good work.



3 Responses to “New video for Feng Office out!”

  1. kazero says:

    the video is great!

    Hope that more people will see it and will start using Fengoffice – It is a great product!

    Thumbs up!

  2. Conrado says:

    Hi George,

    Your question is more appropriate for a Sales Representative.

    Please contact them directly for sales inquiries.

    We will have to delete your post because of the link you posted.

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