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Being on vacation and still being in control

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010. By: Feng Office

The way people work is changing, and it’s changing fast. As in every aspect of life, changes require new solutions and generate new opportunities.

Not so long ago, cell phones diCollaboration Platforms make it possible to be available, even when you are physically far away.d not exist and being at work usually meant being inside an office. Nowadays, due to globalization and computerization, the time spent in an office can be minimized, all operations can be outsourced and superiors can handle responsibilities with a smart phone or a laptop without others even noticing their absence from the office.

The technology is widely available and prices are no longer prohibitive. Experts are predicting enormous growth rates for out of office workers, in most cases making use of Collaboration Platforms. The facts show that these tools not only improve information management in all types of teams, but they also enable teams to be really global. Being able to access the same information whether you are in New York, Delhi or London opens lots of possibilities.