Top 10 issues for Project Managers? You decide

By 1 July, 2011No Comments

A few weeks ago, Robert Kelly from toolbox blog posted a note on the Top 10 issues for Project Managers. His list went as follows:

1. Administrative tasks regarding several projects
2. Sharing resources with other Project Managers
3. Handling vendor related tasks
4. Dependencies and having to rely on other people for success
5. Negative feedback form team members for not considering you to be on ,management, level
6. Difficulties setting correct scheduling/resource expectations with the customer
7. Virtual/Multinational teams present added challenges
8. Budget related problems
9. lack of wide-spread adoption of PM/PPM management tools at many organizations
10. Project Managers can be typecast pretty quickly

Do you agree that these are in fact the top 10 issues for project managers? We are interested in finding out what you have to say about it.

To visit Robert Kelly,s full article click on the link Top 10 issues for Project Managers