Play a key role on the Feng Office Mobile development

By 11 July, 2011June 7th, 2024No Comments

For several months now, the Feng Office Team has been planning the development of Feng Office Mobile and now you have the chance to be a part of its history. You can share your opinion on which features are essential, which aren’t, and which new features could be cool to add. You can also share your ideas on UI – look and feel – UX, and even get the chance to working with our team of Feng Office Mobile Developers.

Feng Office Mobile access applications will be available soon, though not exact release date has yet been set. Mobile access is definitely one of the team’s current priorities, as we know how hectic a Project Manager’s day can be. Having all the information at hand may help them – more efficiently – solve their many problems.

Visit our site Feng Office Mobile and click on Join our Storm link to participate on what it’s sure to turn into an interesting debate.