Marketing Agencies biggest problems today

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Today’s Marketing Agencies are facing many new challenges generated by the changes in the means and way people are exposed to their material. Outbound Marketing methods (or marketing with traditional media) are proving to be less effective as people are given the option to ignore the traditional media. Customers now prefer to search and choose their products by themselves forcing Marketing Agencies to change the means and strategies they use. Inbound marketing is all about attracting the customer to your product using an internet marketing strategy.

HubSpot is one of today’s leaders in Inbound marketing. They surveyed various Marketing Agencies and based on preliminary data they have posted an article on their blog that addresses the 3 biggest challenges facing Marketing Agencies. During this study, they found out that two-thirds of the marketing agencies listed the following three issues as their biggest marketing challenges:

  1. Not generating enough leads – 28% of the Marketing Agencies in their study listed the problem of not being able to generate enough leads as their biggest problem.
  2. Cash flow is too variable – 19% of the agencies listed this problem as their biggest one
  3. Difficulty signing up new clients – 17% listed the difficulty of signing new clients as a major problem

For each problem listed, they suggest different strategies in order to counter-effect them. Some of these strategies suggest more online marketing, improve sales and expand their services in order to generate long term relationships with clients and the use of a customer relationship management (CRM) system that tracks lead intelligence and activity.

HupSpot’s complete article – The 3 biggest challenges facing marketing agencies

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