It is around the corner!!

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You may be wondering what is around the corner… Feng Office 3.0 is!!

Yesterday we released the 3.0 RC version. What does RC stand for? Release Candidate, which is a name we (and many other software developers) use after fixing most bugs in the previous beta release.
The next step is to release the 3.0 in its final form!!

Well, not final final. As you may know, we have almost the whole dev team working very hard on a daily basis improving the system and making it possible to constantly release new versions – this is hard work!

That being said, this release will set a very important milestone in our history as it is the foundation for many many more enhancements we have been planning for several years with the goal of making a better system and helping you, the user, get the most out of it.

Sorry for the wordy post. If you haven’t seen what Feng Office 3.0 is looking like check out the 3.0 beta release post with many nice pictures of Feng Office 3.0!

Please note that we have already updated our online Demo with it, so feel free to give it a go there as we are eager to get more of your feedback, ideas, suggestions, and opinions about it. Next week onwards new accounts will be created with the new 3.0 version!

We hope you are as excited as we are about this major release!

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Again, feel free to let us know what are you think of this post. You are also welcome to privately contact us if you prefer.