Improved Projects List!

By 26 June, 2015June 7th, 2024No Comments

When an organization works with many different projects, upper management and/or other Project Managers would definitely like to see a quick summary, right?

Chances are that if one sees a project that is overdue, and its revenue is supposed to be high, one would like to know of this immediately and correct the situation.

This can be achieved with the Projects List, which we have renewed for the 3.2 version, and quickly shows all of this information!

Do note that you can play with different fields and filter or group by them as explained in this article!

In addition, if the projects that you and your colleagues manage have custom fields of your own, these can be easily added to the system and shown here as well!

Bear in mind that you can always try our demo with sample data, and that any comments you would like to make below are more than welcome, same if you want to privately contact us.