Feng Office 2.3.2 released

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Feng Office’s latest version: FO.2.3.2, is out!

This one required a lot of testing!

The most important developments are related to new and more advanced access permissions settings.

One of the new features is the added possibility of creating tasks -or any kind of object, be it a document, note, event, etc.- without classifying them on any project, client, or workspace and still having them shared with your colleagues! This is especially useful for new installations and new users who do not have a defined project yet, and simply want to manage a few tasks or keep track of a few documents.

Another improvement that many of our clients, as well as newcomers, are asking for is to share Projects, Clients, and Workspaces in an even easier way.. and we have indeed taken note of this request!

From now on when you go to the Overview tab, you will notice the following change in what we call the People widget, showing the users who have access to the project, client, workspace or folder.

Lets take the example below:

We have a project called Shift the Present and we would like other colleagues to access it quickly.
If you click on Add Person Here, you will then be prompted to either add someone from your Team who does not have permissions (such as Sara Roberts in this case) or you may then add a new non-existing user to the system… and voila!

This will definitely save you some time!!

On the other hand, people with thousands of projects and clients being managed in one Feng Office system let us know their concerns about the performance when loading the system. Therefore we have also worked on this and polished the system performance, now it gets to load even faster than before! The same goes when you get to have hundreds of users and new permissions must be reassigned: everything works faster!

Speaking of which, the performance has also been greatly enhanced in the Search engine!

Now you can find your information even faster than before!

Another big development is a setting to allow new users with Management and Executive roles to be granted access to new projects by default. New Feng Office accounts will have this setting on. The goal is to have newcomers start working with new users and new tasks faster, without having to learn and assign permissions right from the start.

As usual, many languages have been improved! Thank you everyone helping us with this as we are fluent in a few languages and not all of them, even though we want everyone not to face language barriers.
If you would like to help us with the translation please contact us, as we have a great tool that makes this task really easy!

And then there are the many many little improvements and bug fixes.

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