Feng Office 2.0 Beta 4 released

By 27 February, 2012No Comments

Uf! Finally, Feng Office 2.0 Beta 4 is now here!

This is officially the last Beta release for Feng Office 2.0.

Feng Office 2.0 RC is due for next week.

Hopefully, with the help of our patient and loving community we will get quick and quality feedback to produce a very good RC and Final Release at a much, much faster pace than the latest releases.

Releasing Feng Office 2.0 will be the biggest milestone in our 4 years history. So thanks everyone for the patient waiting. We sincerely appreciate all the cheering, encouraging messages, and the anxious requests for information.

Please download the latest Beta Release here and give it a try!

Important Notice: Please, remember this is a Beta release and you should not try to migrate from version 1.7.5 or any other prior version, unless a Feng Office senior representative has explicitly advised you to do so, and you count with their supervision and support service.

Also, we have produced a Wiki section to outline the diferences between Feng Office 1.7.5 and Feng Office 2.0. Please do comment and update with your observations.


The Proud Feng Office Team