Easy, powerful Collaborative Project Management

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"Easy, powerful collaborative Project Management", is the new message that Feng Office has chosen to create a series of changes on their web page starting with their home page. The new message is loud and clear, Feng Office is web based software that makes Project Management easy and powerful. – HOME

Also, a tour page was designed to better understand the primary functionalities of Feng Office. The tour is divided into three sections: Manage your projects and customers, Free communication and collaboration, and Organize and share all data. – TOUR

A customer section was added as well, where our customers have explained the primary benefits of using Feng Office. Some of the customers that joined this initiative are TSI Alliance, Asesoria Legis, AgSquared and OPP. – OUR CUSTOMERS

Visit our site to see these changes. We hope they will provide more information and add to your experience with Feng Office.

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