Feng Office 1.7.0 has been released

By: Feng Office

Feng Office development team announces the release of Feng Office Collaboration Platform version 1.7.0. Feng Office latest version includes more than a hundred bug fixes and lots of usability improvements and new features.

Feng Onsite 1.7.0 is available for download here. Feng Sky installations will be gradually updated starting today, and ending on ten days approximately. In case you encounter any issues with the new version, please report them on the support ticketing system or directly on the bug tracking system. If you don’t like any particular change made to the system or would like to suggest an idea or further changes, feel free to start a discussion topic at the forum.

E-mail module improvements

As more and more Feng Office users start to rely on Feng’s e-mail module, it was time to give the e-mail module a little love and caring.

Most operations are now running faster, improving the overall experience of managing e-mail using Feng.

Long time request of having the e-mail list refresh automatically is finally included.

Export reports as CSV

All reports can now be export as a CSV file. Using this feature you can process the data of the report on your favorite spreadsheet application (ie: Excel, OpenOffice Calc, etc.).

Feng Office CSV Reporting Feature

Feng Office CSV Reporting Feature

Latest activity

Do you need to know what’s going on in a Workspace? Take a look at the new Latest Activity widget and find what the latest changes are: who’s completed a task, which documents have been uploaded, and who’s confirmed attendance to a meeting.

Feng Office Activity Log

Feng Office Activity Log

And more …

Other new features include LDAP support, guest users, a new five day view for the calendar, prettier email notifications and more …

5 Responses to “Feng Office 1.7.0 has been released”

  1. […] Feng Office (hatte ich vor kurzem vorgestellt) gibt es nun Version 1.7.0. Die wichtigsten Neuerungen der finalen Version 1.7.0 sind u.a. Verbesserungen beim E-Mail-System, […]

  2. Jack Hsu says:

    Great! So many great improvement in Feng Office 1.7.0!
    I will write a blog to introduce this version to Chinese users on my blog.

  3. Very nice news about the email auto sync! I need to update to really check it it

  4. When release 1.7.1 with Export reports as CSV for total task execution time will be ready?
    Why not include the parameter “time” on tasks custom reports?


  5. marcos says:

    1.7.1 is under testing and expected for first days of September.

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