Feng Office 1.6.2 released!

Feng Office 1.6.2 has just been released. This release consists of bugfixes and small improvements. You can download it at the Community Downloads page.

Improvements in 1.6.2:

  • Added a checkbox to apply a task’s assignee to all subtasks.
  • Allow changing the maximum tasks display limit in the Tasks module.
  • Speeded up the quick mark as read (blue dots in listings).
  • Added actions in the email view to move to and out of the Junk folder and to mark as unread.
  • Allow to set a subtask’s start and due date when adding it from the parent task’s view.
  • Request username when changing an expired password for increased security.

Bug fixes in 1.6.2:

  • When editing a user, the user gained access to your personal workspace if you didn’t have access to his.
  • When editing a user’s personal workspace you can now chose from all workspaces, not only yours.
  • “Full” search engine now matches words individually instead of matching the whole phrase.
  • White screen of death when downloading files added before version 1.4.
  • Week numbers for january were incorrect.
  • Error 500 when importing companies.
  • Some links in email didn’t open in new windows.
  • When creating a contact, objects linked to the contact were ignored.
  • Invalid UTF8 characters are now escaped before saving an email to avoid database errors.
  • Pick date widgets were not being shown full size on IE8.
  • Special characters in vcard files are converted when importing contacts.
  • Improved compatibility with RSS readers – changed the “pubdate” tag to “pubDate”
  • When checking email through cron, the “max spam level” user config option was disregarded.
  • The User column for emails in the Oveview List was the owner of the email account and not the user who wrote the email.
  • User with read access to an email account didn’t view emails in the Overview List.
  • Missing lang ‘success archive files’.
  • The string “None” was hardcoded in english in some fields of the time report.
  • User with permissions to edit owner company data could not edit the logo.

21 Responses to “Feng Office 1.6.2 released!”

  1. yagraph says:

    Great ! Thanks for the fixes and improvements ;)

  2. koko says:

    Thanks for the update!!
    I’m using FengOffice with pleasure!!

  3. abbeyhetford says:

    This is great! This tool is really helpful!

  4. jay says:

    Thank you very much! I’ve just started using Feng Office and really like it so far. It’s very easy to use. Keep up the great work!

  5. Cliff Wells says:

    I’ve got a bug to report, but unfortunately the forums also have a bug so I can’t register there to report it (an error occurs when the forum tries to send the confirmation email).

  6. Jan says:

    While i try to download, AntiVir detects a Virus… false positive?

  7. ignacio says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

    @Jan: Yes, it is a false positive. Don’t worry.

    @Cliff: Yes, we have some problems with the forums anti-spam policies. We hope to fix them soon.

  8. Cliff Wells says:

    I don’t think it’s an anti-spam problem: it can’t send the confirmation email (it says “An error occurred”).

  9. Chris says:

    Works great, thanks for the fixes

  10. Marcos Saiz says:

    Thanks for the kind words everyone.

    We are working on the forum issue. Had some trouble to reproduce it, but expect to solve it soon.

  11. reporter says:

    Hey guys,

    when extracting the zip archives, my antivirus (avira antivir reported) the following: HTML / Crypted.Gen

    Regards, reporter

  12. For the forum activation workaround, use a @gmail.com account for signup and it will go through. Worked for me.

    Thanks Feng Office! Love your product!

  13. Jack Hsu says:

    Great!So many improvements!
    Feng Office is so useful to me.

  14. Enni says:

    Really a great tool, simple, efficient ! But what a pity that the update from 1.5.3 doesn’t work. (description in the installation forum)

  15. jgarcia says:

    Thanks a ton…… I really liked it!!!

  16. Adam says:

    I have downloaded the fengoffice_1.6.2.zip from the community page on my windows computer and when I unpack the files my anti virus says: HTML/Crypted.Gen was found!


  17. Gail says:

    The download is not working – Error 404 – The server cannot find the requested page. (http://www.fengoffice.com/web/community/LATEST_STABLE_VERSION_URL)

  18. Matt Esau says:

    Yes thanks so much for another update! I use Feng Office every day to run my business.

    Can’t wait for Google Calendar integration!

  19. Zaibtm says:

    How to integration with LDAP

  20. Anil says:

    I am using this for year now. But the recent release keep on showing errors whenever I refresh the page.
    Anyone has this problem.

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