Sorceforge issues, new Github account, and versions and 3.2.3-beta


Our beloved Sourceforge was experiencing issues for a few days, so we couldn’t upload the latest versions for a while. While today we were finally able to upload to Sourceforge, we decided to create an official Feng Office account on Github.

So now we have two options for downloading and contributing on the Community Edition source code:

You can download version (stable) from Sourceforge.
Or you can download version (stable) from GitHub.

If you are looking for the latest development release, that would be version 3.2.3-beta.

Please let us know what you think.

Feng Office 3.0 is ready and available!!


Feng Office 3.0 is ready and out, at your service!!
The entire Feng Office Team has been working very hard, day after day, improving the system and making enhancements until the last minute so that this version would be the best Feng Office ever released.


What does “ready” mean?

That Feng Office 3.0 is ready means that we have been using the pre-beta, beta, RC, and RC2 versions internally for over 2 months now, that over 1.000 beta testers have been testing it for the past two weeks, and that all known major and critical bugs have been fixed.


It also means that it is – in the opinion of most of the beta testers – a significant improvement over versions 1.X and 2.X.
Most importantly, it means that it will be much easier for new users, Administrators and end-users, to get started and quickly familiarize with Feng Office.
And also of great importance, it means that we have achieved the ultimate level of foundation that will allow the Development Team to build upon without having to worry about framework impact. All the pieces of the platform are now in place.

New and improved

Having gone through several studies with new Feng Office users, we identified many elements of the initial approach for new and unfamiliar Feng Office users that could be significantly improved. With this data and a lot of design and tests, we implemented a brand new Getting started Wizard.
The goal was to make the initial experience with Feng Office a much more intuitive one.
The new wizard guides the users through the initial configuration and first data input, making them feel comfortable at every step and realize the time-saving benefits from the very beginning.
Implementing Feng Office for the first time in your project teams, or adding a new user to your existing Feng Office system, will yield a much faster learning curve for your users.
The new design, usability enhancements, and new features make your working day easier and faster, as they allow you to control all of your project’s tasks (or even all your projects) with powerful dashboards and reports, knowing at all times the status, what needs to get done, by whom, and when.
Data entry, task completion, comments… all can be achieved with fewer clicks and intuitive actions.
All of the improvements in Feng Office 3.0, and the upcoming versions, aim for the user to feel more comfortable, guided, and familiar with the system, so that everyone knows they can rely on it to benefit and help their own, their managers, and their team’s day-to-day work.

Sounds awesome!! How can I access it?

You can test a demo here.
Or you can create a free trial account here (no credit card required).
Lastly, if you have enough technical knowledge you may download the Community Edition, for free, here.

Does this mean Feng Office has achieved all its goals?

Far from it!! Feng Office has a lot of improvements on its Road Map. Too many – in fact – it would be ridiculous to comment here on even a fraction of what we have planned, but, for the curious ones, a few of them have been commented on here.
Some of you will notice that some of the forms have been changed to be modal forms. Since it would have delayed the release of 3.0 considerably, we decided to postpone the change of all the system forms to the new format until a bit later in the future.
New button styles. Changes in text alignment and sizes. New input boxes. These are but a few examples of little improvements that will be coming in the near future.
Other (bigger) improvements, like new features and even new modules, will also be making their way in the upcoming weeks and months.
And now that we have the ultimate platform for the upcoming improvements, you will see them coming at a much faster pace!

When can I upgrade my installation?

Technically speaking, everyone could upgrade their installation right now.
For Feng Sky accounts, we will gradually start rolling it out. We will begin with the clients that first request the upgrade and that are comfortable with being some of the first to try it in actual production environment.
@Old timers, we know upgrading to Feng Office 2.0 was a complex matter for large installations, but there are no major challenges involved in this upgrade. That said, system administrators should ALWAYS backup EVERYTHING before doing any upgrade.
We hope you are as excited as we are about this new version, and that you enjoy everything that comes with it.
Customer feedback is our #1 tool towards improving the system, so, we would love you to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions with us. We invite you to please comment below or on the Feng Office forum.
Remember to follow us on Facebook to stay tuned on even more improvements coming soon.
You are also welcome to privately contact us if you prefer.

Feng Office 3.0 (beta release)



The Feng Office team is extremely excited to announce that all the hard work of over a year is finally going to see the light.

Feng Office 3.0 is almost here!!
We know many of you have been expectant of this new version, which pushes a big redesign of our graphic interface.
It is our belief that this is the best Feng Office we have ever produced, and that both new and current users will love the many improvements and enhancements.


Let’s go through some of the most remarkable improvements that make Feng 3.0:


1. User interface, experience, and looks

The graphic user interface has changed, and it has changed a lot!
Everything is cleaner and clearer, so that non essential information does not distract or overwhelm users, making it faster to find that key piece of data you are looking for, saving you even more time.
The overall user experience has been refreshed as well, making the system easier to understand and use (specially for beginners). Now implementing Feng Office for the first time in your organization, or adding a new user to your existing Feng Office system will have a much faster learning curve for your users. They will be able to get up and running with the system in much less time.
In the following images, you will see the interface changes from Feng Office 2.7 to Feng Office 3.0 to the Tasks List view:

Before: Feng Office 2.7


After: Feng Office 3.0


2. New ‘Getting Started’ wizard

In the past, the initial experience for new (unfamiliar) Feng Office users (specially a first-time Administrator) was a little overwhelming.
What can this system do?

Where do I find things?

What should I do first?
Those are the most common questions that new users ask themselves on their first encounter, and something that the system wasn’t answering by itself.
With the new ‘Getting started’ wizard we aim at answering those questions from the start, making the initial encounter with Feng Office a much more intuitive one.


3. User creation and management:

Creating and managing users has never been simpler! The new user form in Feng Office 3.0 is much easier to
fill out.
And you have two simple, yet powerful choices:

  • You can get it done by simply adding the most basic information of the user(Name and email address), or
  • You can dig into the user’s contact details and permissions with a few extra but easy steps.

This way you can have your colleagues accessing the system right away, with no delays, or give limited and controlled access permissions to external collaborators and clients.






4. Overview widgets


The Overview widgets are very useful so that you can quickly know the status of everything (Your tasks, events, other people’s activities, new documents, etc.).


The widgets have been improved to look better and be easier to manage, so that they display the information you want, when you want it!


5. Task management

The new task list makes your task management quicker and simpler than ever before. The new interface and features here make your working day even easier and faster as it allows you to control all of your actions without needing to be all over the place to manage what needs to be done.
By adding a profile picture, you can now immediately establish who is assigned to that task, and be able to stay on top of your team members and identify and assist those that require help or have many due tasks.



6. Time management

It is very important to know how much time you and your colleagues have spent on a task or project so
that you can then calculate these expenses. The easier it is to track these times, the better and more accurate information you will have!
One new way to empower this is through being able to add your worked hours directly from the task list view, without having to spend extra time to access the task itself.



7. Searching and Filtering

The average employee spends 40% of their working-time looking for information. That was before they had a collaboration and knowledge base platform that integrated and organized it.
What if you could significantly reduce that time to 10% or less?

That is what Feng Office helps you achieve.
Given that increasing efficiency, saving time (and thus saving money) is of the greatest value to all knowledge workers; not only did we improve the search engine to work more efficiently – but we have also introduced a new and faster way to search all your objects, including documents, notes and emails.

8. Further improvements

These are only some of the many major changes we are making for Feng Office 3.0. There are many more forthcoming improvements we will soon implement, so we can make the Feng Office user experience the very best.
All of the improvements in Feng Office 3.0 and upcoming versions aim for the user to feel more comfortable, guided, and familiar with the system, so that all users know they can rely on Feng Office to benefit and help their own, their managers, and their team’s day-to-day work.
Upcoming Feng Office 3.X series will be adding (among other improvements): Given that increasing efficiency, saving time

  • Improved APIs and plug-in marketplace. With a stable and high-performing platform in place, the overdue improvement of the Feng Office API is a firm priority in our Roadmap for 2015, along with the creation of a marketplace for community and partner developed add-ons.
  • The possibility for you to execute reports cross-referencing all your Clients, Projects and Workspaces. Get all of the information just as you want it.
  • Input forms are already easier to fill out with 3.0, but there are many more planned improvements for contacts, users and tasks.
  • More performance improvements. Performance was at the heart of 2.7.X series and we’ve continued down that path, to make Feng Office 3.X the fastest Feng Office ever.

These are just some of the most important improvements that will come with Feng 3.0 and the 3.X series. There are many more to be announced soon!
We hope you like the ones already available and that you are as excited as we are about this new version coming out. We would love for you to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions with us.
Remember to follow us on Facebook to stay tuned on the release of the final version of Feng Office 3.0, and the many more improvements that we are working on!
Again, feel free to comment below and let us know what are you think of this post. You are also welcome to privately contact us if you prefer.