Feng Office 2.6 version!



Hi Everyone!!
The long awaited 2.6 version of Feng Office is already available!!
This new release has taken a bit longer than expected, but only because the improvements and enhancements are not few!! Lets have a look at them:

1- Faster and easier way to manage Tasks:

The time you require to perform actions is very valuable, so the faster you can perform them, the better. The Tasks module is by far our most popular one, therefore we wanted to improve it a little bit further so that you can save more time!
From now on you will be able to easily select the Client, Project, Folder, Workspace or Tag for the tasks at the very moment of its creation or edition, without the need to go for the full-form screen (which takes some more time):


2- Easier way to manage Time Entries:

Just as we improved the Tasks Module usability, we also applied similar changes in the Time Module, making it easier and more convenient to classify your time entries with the sole purpose of saving you time.


3- Faster and easier way to update documents:

Again, saving time is something we consider very important, so if you would like to update a new document, you will now be able to do it with less clicks and less idle time as shown below:


4- Task dependencies compatibility with Templates:

Templates are fantastic: they help you to reflect processes and workflows within the system. With them not only you save time whenever you need to create sets of tasks, but you also ensure that every step is followed, without missing any.
On the other hand, Feng Office Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition have Task Dependencies to prevent you or your colleagues from completing one task until its previous task is completed. However, there was no compatibility with Templates… until now! Creating templates with dependencies make them even more powerful, so we strongly suggest giving this option a go by editing the Templates you already have:


5- Projects, Clients and Tags can now be colour coded:

Many of our clients who are using Workspaces, and colour coding them, have been asking us to include this feature in the Clients and Projects section and thus making it easier and faster to distinguish information.
So, by popular demand, and now not only Clients, Projects and Folders are compatible with this feature, but also Tags!
You simply need to edit the Client or Project in question and select its colour:


6- Improved IMAP compatibility:

Feng Office Integrated Email Module (Email client) supports both POP3 and IMAP email accounts. However, IMAP ones were not really that compatible until this Feng Office version. Today onwards you can mark your emails as read or unread in Feng Office and have them marked this way in your mail server, so that all of your devices are syncrhonized!

7- Multiple tasks drag & drop enhancements:

Even though there already is one way to classify multiple tasks at the same time, we have improved the system so that the drag & drop method within tasks works for multiple tasks (and not one by one as it did) when you Group by Clients and Projects, Workspaces, Tags among the different options.

8- Many other improvements:

This version also includes many other improvements but not as major as the aforementioned, and since we do not want you to fall asleep while reading this article, you can get in touch with your Feng Office Account Executive for further information.

Later today new accounts will be created with this new version, and clients will be updated soon as well. Since there are not few though, in case you would like to rush your upgrade just reach over your Account Executive or the Support Team, which will gladly help you out.
We hope you like this new version, and remember to follow us on Facebook to keep tuned on the upcoming improvements as we are working on many!
Last but not least, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts on it!
Or you may also privately contact us.


Feng Office 2.4 released


Another great release from our development team!
Feng Office 2.4 has seen the light, with lots of new features, improvements, and thanks to the patience of our beta-testing users tons of bugs squashed!

Feng Office 2.3.1 released


Feng Office 2.3.1 builds on top of the 2.3.0 release to add a number of productivity enhancements, several bug fixes, and lots of little details that have been pending for quite a while now.
2.3.1 is something of a ‘polishing’ release. And a highly recommended upgrade.
The team also reintroduced a small number of features that were still missing from the 1.X days.

Group mailing: Phase 1

Clients using the Advanced E-mail module (These are approximately 30% of our clients), frequently remind us of their need to handle e-mailing to a group of users.
We have planned many improvements on this front, and the first one is already out!

When viewing contacts on the people-tab (This tab has to be activated on new accounts, as it is no longer included by default), you can now select (by checking on them) a group of contacts, and an option to send an e-mail to all of them will become available.

More power for tasks management

You can now select the date range for the tasks listed on the task-tab.

This option applies to both the standard view and the Gantt Chart view.

Quick archiving of projects, clients, and workspaces

Projects, Clients, Workspaces, and just about any information space can now be quickly archived and unarchived through the ‘Dimensions’ management section at the Administration panel.

Improvements and fixes that were on the top of the wish-lists

* Many improvements and fixes have been developed for the Gantt Chart module.
* When changing the Overview option to view as list, the choice is now persistent when moving to other spaces, projects, etc.
* Comments are now displayed on the ‘Activity’ widget of the Overview tab.
* Google calendar synchronization has been improved and bugs fixed.
* Direct URL for the Contact form is back!

Upgrading to the joy of Feng 2.3.1

There are many more features and fixes for your enjoyment, so if you like to learn more about them, please do read the release notes from the development team.
Feng Sky clients using 2.3.0 will be automatically upgraded.
Feng Onsite clients will be contacted by your account executive to plan the upgrade.
Community Edition can be downloaded here.

Important note for System Administrators upgrading from previous versions

If you are going to perform a Feng Office upgrade, please make sure you closely follow instructions for upgrading Feng Office.
Don’t forget to back-up!