Feng Office receives Bossie Award 2013


Feng Office is honored to have been awarded a 2013 Bossie Award

For its Bossie Awards, each year InfoWorld picks what it considers the best Open Source Business Applications and Platforms in the Industry.

2013 Bossie Award winners include, among others: MariaDB, WordPress, Alfresco, SugarCRM, Magento, and Pentaho. These are superstars in the Open Source world. So we are specially flattered by the inclusion in this prestigious list.

In InfoWorld’s James R. Borck words:

“Feng Office helps unstick worker productivity with a nice set of browser-based project management and collaboration tools. Whether on-site (Apache/PHP/MySQL) or hosted (Feng Sky), the software lets you create project workspaces along organizational lines or for specific projects.

Feng Office offers a solid feature set that encompasses document sharing, calendars, task management, contacts, and email.

Good usability and easy administration make Feng Office a solution you can build on.”

Thanks James! Thanks InfoWorld!

And, most importantly: THANKS CLIENTS!! Feng Office wouldn’t be what it is today without your encouragement and constant support. This award is dedicated to you! :D

What do you think of Feng Office new Website?


A couple of weeks ago we started to roll out Feng Office new Website.

The redesign will eventually impact all of our webpages.

While we are still tying up some loose ends, we are already very happy with the new design.

Since this is still a work in progress, and the team is eager to improve it more, we would love to get your feedback. :)

The new site wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our good friends at Dugson. So if you are looking for professional and creative website design, we would like to recommend you to get in touch with them. They are quite busy, but will get to you as soon as they can (Tip: make a compelling story when you reach out to them).

New video for Feng Office out!


I know we should be telling you about the latest releases we have done and all the new features, bug fixes, translation improvements packed in there… Which are awesome!

But we are so happy with our new video that we just wanted to share this with the world:

In a future post we will tell you more about the pleasure it has been working with our friends at MyPromoVideos. To them: a big THANK YOU for your initiative, dedication, and good work.