Feng Office 2.7 Version!!


Hi Everyone!!
We are proud to say that Feng Office 2.7 is now available!!
We know you have been expectant of this new version, and we can assure you the improvements and enhancements will not disappoint you!! Lets have a look at them:

1- Improved Overall Performance:

Time is the most valuable asset on your work day, so the faster you can execute your processes, the better outcome you will have.
We’ve improved the overall performance of the system, making it so it loads and executes processes faster than ever before! Some of the main functions affected by this upgrade are:

  • Initial Loading: Forget loading delays when accessing the system. Now you can login to Feng and have your system up and running in no time.
  • Navigation Panel: Have all of your information accessible right away without having to wait. Your clients, projects and workspaces will load up and be ready much faster as well.
  • Overview Panel: The widgets on the overview panel will be accessible much faster as well, especially the People and Activities Widgets.



2- More Gantt Chart improvements!

We released a brand new Gantt Chart not too long ago, with many new improvements and features!
Well… we continued working hard on it, and have added even more improvements that make it more practical to use

  • Hide Left Grid: You can now hide the left grid that displays the task’s name and start time.
  • Full Screen Mode: Furthermore, if you only like to see your Gantt Chart, and have no other distractions on the screen, we’ve enabled the Gantt Chart Full Screen mode.


You can learn more about the new Gantt Chart module here.

3- Fully renovated New Contact form:

We’ve renovated the New contact form, so that you can input all of your contact’s information in a much more practical way!
Some of the most significant changes are:

      • Input method: Now the form is separated into two sections: Main information and Additional Information. Select additional information to input more detailed data for your contact.
      • Name field for phone numbers: For additional phone numbers that may not belong to the contact (Assistant, Family Member, etc.), you can now add a Name to identify the number.
      • Birthday: Add a birthday to your contacts, so that it displays on the calendar view, and never miss a birthday again!


4 – Birthdays!

Many of our clients have asked about birthday reminders for Feng Office, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a birthday message on their special day?
Well now that you can input your contacts birthdays on their detail information, you will also be able to view it on your calendar so you can wish them a Happy Birthday!



5- Further improvements:

This version also includes many other minor improvements, but since we don’t want to make this post long and dreadful, you can contact your Feng Office Account Executive at anytime for further detailed information.
We will be implementing the upgrades on our clients progressively. Since there are not few though, in case you would like to your upgrade right away, just ask your Account Executive or the Support Team, which will gladly help you out.
We hope you like this new version, and remember to follow us on Facebook to keep tuned on the upcoming improvements as we are working on many!
Last but not least, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts on it!
Or you may also privately contact us.

Brand New Expenses Module


Hi Everyone!
We continue working to make Feng Office better for you, and this is why we want to introduce you to the brand new Expenses module!


The Expenses Module gives you the power to:

  • Keep track of all the money spent on Clients, Projects, Specific Tasks and more!.
  • Never forget to invoice and get paid for your work faster.
  • Improve your ability to estimate new project budgets accurately.
  • Track profitability on projects, clients as easily as on time and materials for the projects.

Features of the Expenses Module:

  • Graphs for you to keep track of your expenses in a practical and quick view.
  • Status selection to know if your expenses are approved, budgeted, pending, and more.
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of payments to an expense, allowing you to set the number of installments of the payment.
  • Filter by Date Range and Status, for a quicker view of the specific expense you want.
  • Make detailed and summarized payment reports that list the expenses grouped by clients and projects.


We hope you enjoy this new expenses module, and remember to follow us on Facebook to keep updated on the new improvements that will be arriving very soon!!

If you want to try it, or if you have any feedback on this module (or Feng Office itself), feel free to comment below or contact us here.

Feng Office 2.5.1 has been released!



Hi everybody!!
It has been a while since our last post, but it does not mean we are not around.
On the contrary! We have been working very hard on new improvements and enhancements!
Some of them have been released in the 2.5.1 version, but most of them will be available in the upcoming 2.6 one, so you will have to stay tuned for the upcoming news as well!
So, lets see what does the 2.5.1 version offer:

1- Dashboard Settings:

Were you wondering how to see only your events and tasks instead of everyones or how to move a widget to your right in your Dashboard, or may be even how to get rid of it?
If that is so… you may now do it!
You just need to Edit your account preferences and access the Dashboard options section.
In there you can play with different options as shown below:


2- Comments Widgets:

On the other hand, taking the opportunity we were changing our Dashboard a bit, some people were desperate to have a widget including the latest comments, so we added an initial version of it:


3- Languages updates:

Some Feng Office users helped us out by providing us with some updates of the texts in the French, Italian and Turkish languages respectively.
Please bear in mind this help is always welcome as we are not fluent in all of the available languages. If you would like to help us out, just drop us an email to contact@fengoffice.com


4- Faster way to input your Web Documents:

Since Feng Office is compatible with Google Docs and other online documents, we have introduced a new and faster way to “upload” these aforementioned documents:

5- Performance

As usual, performance kept on improving and now many things take less time to load!
Good news are that there still are many enhancements to be applied in this area!


6- Bugfixing

Many small issues were fixed. For a more detailed list we suggest looking into the Release Notes of the source code.


New free trials will be created this new version next week onwards, and clients will be updated soon to it as well.
Since there are not few though, in case you would like to rush your upgrade just reach over your Account Executive or the Support Team, which will gladly help you out.
For those using the Community Edition, you may download the files from here and then proceed with the upgrade.
We hope you like this new version… and remember to follow us on Facebook!
If you want to, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts!
Or you may also privately contact us.