We are happy

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Feng Office is closing year 2009 having achieved many important milestones.

Here are some of the facts that make us so happy.


We are now serving over 100.000 happy Feng Office users, with a very high satisfaction rate. How do we know? You constantly let us know it. People write about it on their websites, blogs, and Twitter accounts. People write it on the forum, they e-mail us to simply say thanks. People use our software and services and rarely walk away. This is the highest achievement we could have hoped for. And we’ve done it! Still, we promise you that we’ll keep getting better. We’ll keep improving all that we can.

Please, do remain vocal. Don’t be shy to tell us that you like what we do. Your messages serve as a great fuel to keep us wanting to do better and better.

Version 1.6

We are proud of this baby. The versioning number might not look all that impressive, but those who’ve been around since version 1.0 (or earlier!) would be very aware of the huge improvements that Feng Office has had over this past year.

Thanks for sticking with us! And prepare for the upcoming versions. We promise you’ll like Feng even more.

Merging OpenGoo and Feng Office

For the reasons mentioned in this post, it was very important for us to do merging and rebranding of OpenGoo and Feng Office.
It is already providing for better communication and has relieved us from many repetitive chores.

Record-breaking end of year

December is already breaking all our past records. Not only has Feng Office received the most new visitors, customers, downloads, and Feng Sky Trials. It has done so by a great leap. Imagine how excited this makes the team on the verge of a new working year.

You might easily notice that most of what makes us happy is related to our customer and user community. So please receive our

Thank you!