OpenGoo is now Feng Office

By 16 December, 2009June 7th, 2024No Comments

Today we will officially start the rebranding of the OpenGoo software as Feng Office Collaboration Platform.
There are some mixed feelings to the rebranding, as we have grown fond of the ugly name. But there are stronger reasons in favor of doing the change.
This post attempts to give light on a few of the reasons for changing the name, and a bit on the process we’ll be following.


The first reason to do this move is an economic one. We better advertise our services at the Feng Office site. People and Businesses that subscribe to our services are vital to keep developing and improving the product towards our shared vision.
We hope that having an easier access to our services will drive more people to subscribe.


Having two names (brands) increases the complexity when explaining what we do. It is especially baffling for customers that we send them to the OpenGoo forum when they have a question about Feng Office (What is OpenGoo?). We sometimes found ourselves on the need to duplicate information too.
This all will be simplified by maintaining just one site.

The name

To some people (native English speakers, mainly), the word “Goo” sounds disgusting. Not that ‘Feng’ doesn’t have its detractors (my friend Keith Teare just hates the name). But we’ve tested it, and it does get more acceptance.
There was also the connotation that OpenGoo was an Open Source alternative to Google products. We believe our product to be unique and with merits of its own. We want it to be regarded as such, and not as an alternative to any product (There is not one product with the exact same characteristics as ours). The name just wasn’t helping.

The migration process

We will start by redirecting each OpenGoo webpage to the corresponding Feng Office page, when applicable. Some sections (the forum, the Goo blog, the wiki) will remain the same for a while. We will gradually adjust the content to fit to the new name.
Please bear with us during this process. We are thankful for your support, and hope that you soon start benefitting from our simplified approach.