No more attachments!

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Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) that provide professional services exchange lots of documents through email. Consequently it is very difficult for them to organize, find and analyze all the information they create. This is specially true when their options are limited to using an email client.
Collaboration Platforms are powerful tools that improve management and internal communication. These tools represent an opportunity for SMBs, allowing them to avoid the difficulties of excessive exchange of documents through email.
These platforms allow customers to access their information without time constraints and eliminating the need of an account executive intervention. This benefit was one of the most important according to Feng Office’s latest research called “Efficiency and Competitiveness in Professional Services SMBs”.

Email attachments create several problems when exchanging information with customers, suppliers and external collaborators. These are:
Difficulties to find documents: Service oriented companies’ valuable time is spent searching for attachments in their electronic mailboxes. However, the biggest consequence of this is how this delays are externalized when a customer requests a document. Not only the customer gets visibility of the issue, but he is actually wasting resources in a process that could be automatic.
Loss of information: the accumulation of information in mailboxes is a factor which, over time, damages email clients (i.e. Outlook PST files) and therefore can generate important information loss. Attachments are responsible for most of the size of emails that are exchanged every day.
Difficulties to track revisions: a big number of files is changed regularly, and therefore generates different revisions. By adding traceability (comments and notes) and storing file revisions as one, it will be easy to determine which the most current version of a document is. This simple task can become unmanageable when using email search.
These reasons are causing a silent revolution in the way people use email. Users are choosing collaboration platforms such as Feng Office, as they have emerged as the ideal alternative for service oriented SMBs. These solutions let them incorporate tools that facilitate communication and enhance collaboration with corporate customers, partners and suppliers. Integration of these technologies involves a learning process, but in user friendly applications such as Feng Office, the adaptation curve is greatly reduced.

In addition, using this kind of tools allows clients to serve themselves the information they need. This implies giving the customer access to the latest copy of a document anytime and from anywhere, without depending on someone to receive the request. This is an added value to what most of competitors provide, and thus generates customer loyalty towards the SMB.

If you would like to forget about attachments and improve the way your team works, then you are looking at the right place: Feng Office can help you. Get started now!