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Mobile access Beta now available for Professional Edition Users

By 11 December, 2012June 14th, 2024No Comments

We are proud to finally announce the long-awaited Feng Office Mobile Access Module.

We will be sending invites to all Professional Edition Users (Both Feng Sky and Feng Onsite) who have already signed up for beta testing the Mobile Access Module.

This first version (Version 1.0-Beta) provides easy access to all your Feng Office Clients, Projects, Worksapces, Tasks, and Notes, allowing the ordering and filtering of tasks by assignee, Client, and date.

If you are a Professional Edition user, haven’t received an e-mail invite yet, and would like to sign up for the beta testing program, please submit a support ticket and your account executive will enroll you in the program.

Comment on availability for the Community Edition


This first version has been developed based on the ‘Clients and Projects’ dimension of the Professional Edition, so it is currently available for the Professional Edition only.

We are already working on a Community Edition compatible module, but there is no Estimated Date of Release yet.

Comment on Pricing


We will make the Mobile Access Module free of charge for the following three months while we work on its best pricing model.