Heartbleed bug mitigation measures

By 14 April, 2014June 7th, 2024No Comments

Dear Everyone,
By this moment you might have heard about the Internet bug Heartbleed, which has impacted most companies on the web.
Without getting too technical, Heartbleed affects the OpenSSL framework used by many online businesses to privately send data to and from Internet servers. Further information about this issue can be found here:

That being said, we would like to announce that Feng Office took immediate and proactive steps to patch this security hole on all servers vulnerable to this risk, and has successfully eliminated any risk of unauthorized access to your account.
Technically, there is no way of knowing whether a server was compromised in the short period during which the vulnerability was made public and that the Feng Offie Security Team patched all systems. For this reason and to ensure the protection of your information, we strongly suggest you change your password by doing the following:
1- Click on your name (top right corner)
2- Select Account
3- On the right side, below Actions, select Change Password
4- Type in your old password and a new one
5- Save the changes
If you are subscribed to a Feng OnSite plan – which means running Feng Office in your servers – and would like assessment on how to deal with this issue, please do not hesitate contacting your Feng Office Account Executive for further information about it and how to have this very important security issue solved.
Best regards,
Feng Office Team