Hello everyone!!

We wanted to welcome the 2014 with a new release in its final form!! The 2.5 one!

This release has been started a while back, having its Beta and RC versions released back in December 2013.. but since now it is stable enough to have its final version available, we went for it!

This new version has tons of new features and improvements!

1- System performance:

We know performance is critical for people using Feng Office since a long while and with tons of information. Therefore we kept on improving it (and will keep on doing so!) even further:
1.1- Whenever you want to create or edit an object, the loading view will respond almost instantly!
1.2- Loading objects (emails, documents, notes, etc.) is much faster than before!
1.3- Normal search and advanced ones got much more enhanced!
1.4- When typing a new email, you no longer have to wait for all the contacts to load in background if you have over 1.000 contacts (otherwise this would still be fast).
You just need to type 3 letters and the contact will be shown immediately!

2- Multiple Files Upload support:

Yes!! You did not misread!! Feng Office is at last able to support multiple file uploading! This will save you (and us!) lots of time whenever documents must be uploaded either to be sent in an email or to be kept somewhere in the system.
In order to achieve this, when selecting the files, you just need to press the Ctrl or Shift keys to select more than one at once.

3- Reports Module has been tuned as well:

Reports screen has been widely cleared! Now they are easier to understand, and time reports also support custom properties related to tasks (just like in the old days)
Not only that… We have worked on a new Advanced Reports plugin for those using the Professional or Enterprise Edition.
We will make a new blogpost about this later on.


4- Documents notifications have been empowered:

You may now change the notification subject when working on a document, plus, you may also decide whether the document will be attached to the notification or not so that you can avoid having to log in to the system and download the file.

5- Security:

We indeed consider having safe and secure systems is of utmost importance, therefore we have been investigating even further in this field and some protocols and functions were improved a little bit in order to increase security even more!


6- Easier way to declassify information:

Feng Office supports lots of ways to classify or declassify information
Now we have added a new one! If you would like to declassify information you may drag and drop it to the View all option on the left, instead of accessing it, editing, changing where is it at, and saving the changes.

7- Bugfixes:

There are several issues that have been fixed! You may look for the list on the readme file of the 2.5 final version.

New free trials are already being created with this new version, and clients will be updated soon to it as well. Since there are not few though, in case you would like to rush your upgrade just reach over your Account Executive or the Support Team, which will gladly help you out.

For those using the Community Edition, you may download the files from here and then proceed with the upgrade.

We hope you like this new version… and remember to follow us on Facebook to keep tuned on the upcoming ones!

If you want to, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts on it!
Or you may also privately contact us.