BIG RELEASE: Feng Office 2.2

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We have a very important announcement to make today: Feng Office 2.2 is officially released.
Why is Feng Office 2.2 so important to us?

  • Feng Office 2.2 is a big release. We have tested it for over a month, and can ensure that it is the most robust Feng Office that we have ever released.
  • Feng Office 2 is a much better platform for developing extended applications and features than Feng 1
  • This is the penultimate big step into taking everybody out of Feng 1
  • Feng Office 2.2 brings over a hundred new features not present on Feng 1.X
  • 99% of the features of Feng 1.X are now on Feng 2.2
  • Migrating from Feng 1.X to Feng 2.2 is now easier than ever!


Feng Office 2.2 is the most robust Feng Office ever. Feng Office itself (the company) is one of our biggest users, managing hundreds of thousands of contacts, e-mail messages and thousands of clients. Everyday.
We have never been so happy and proud of our system.
We have fixed all remaining bugs marked as critical and important. So we can finally focus on all those usability improvements that we wanted to do! And right after that, all the new features on our wishlist. Isn’t that cool?

New Features

Activity Widget
There is a new activity widget on the dashboard – so that you can see what the users are doing in your Feng Office.
As a note for long-time users, we had a similar feature present in version 1.7, but its implementation wasn’t elegant enough, so we decided to re-write it.
Time tracking improvements
Time tracking is a very important feature for many organizations and teams.
Time entries (aka: Time-slots) now log changes history. Also, some bugs have been fixed.
Shared e-mail accounts
Another one of the magic tricks of old Feng Office is back (Lost in Feng Office 2 first releases):
You can now share email accounts within Feng Office with your colleagues and teammates!
We have also fixed bugs on the translation tools.
So we can now get back to the business of translating Feng Office to your favorite language!
French, German, Russian and Spanish translations have already been greatly improved.
More improvements to e-mail notifications
E-mail notifications now display the list of subscribed people related to the element (object) being commented on.
LDAP integration
The LDAP integration that has been going around some community fans is now formally integrated to all Feng Office Editions (with some minor improvements).
All Feng Office installations can now connect to your in-house LDAP.
While the integration can be quite simple for expert Server Administrators, it might pose some challenge for first timers.
Also, bear in mind that changes to the Feng Office permission settings are independent of your LDAP permission settings.
If you are a client and would like to integrate your Feng Office to your LDAP system, please contact your Account Representative to get a quote for setting up supported integration.
Community Edition users with no support contract can learn how to connect through LDAP using the Forum and Wiki guidelines.
Complete parent tasks asks to complete child tasks
This is a great productivity improvement many of you have asked: when completing a task with sub-tasks, Feng Office asks you whether you want to complete all sub-tasks.

Usability improvements

Organizing your information with dimensions
Feng Office 2 added what we call ‘dimensions’. Dimensions are a way to extend Feng Office to suit your specific business categorization requirements. That is what allows us to treat Clients, projects, and folders as workspaces.
This was technically very challenging, and a few bits were screaming for improvement. The way you select the classification categories (Technically called ‘dimension-members’) for an object was one of them.
Upgraded CKEditor
CKEditor is the awesome library that Feng Office uses for Online Editing. It is used when you create a document online and compose an e-mail. And since 2.1 you can also configure your Feng Office to use it when editing task details, notes, e-mail signatures and project descriptions.
Upgrading to Feng Office 2.2 and to the Professional Edition
We want you to leave the comfort of old 1.X series. All the fun (aka: all the new features) will be focused on 2.X series.
Upgrading your installation from 1.X to 2.2 is now easier than ever.
For further information, check out the wiki section on the migration process.

Hands on Feng 2.2

Feng Sky clients using 2.1 will be automatically upgraded (starting tomorrow and all through next week).
Feng Onsite clients will be contacted by your account executive to plan the upgrade.
Community Edition can be downloaded, here.

Important note for System Administrators upgrading from previous versions

If you are going to perform a Feng Office upgrade, please make sure you closely follow instructions for upgrading Feng Office.
Don’t forget to Back up.