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 +=====Status =====
 +====Feature Status====
 +Ideas to work on.
 +====Documentation Status====
 +This documentation could use some polishing
 +1.) Surely the most important thing is real imap support. 
 +- Mark e-mails that are "read" on the server "read" on opengoo as well and vice versa
 +- Save sent e-mails in the sent folder
 +- Add simple filters: i.e. all mails in a folder are categorized to a certain project (that is possible at the moment by adding the same email account to every project only subscribing to one folder.)
 +2.) Calendar synchronization
 +- Ability to add internet-calendars (URIs) which are automatically fetched regularly through a cronjob
 +- Second stage: import changes back to original calendar
 +especially google calendar
 +3.) Contacts
 +- Import/export through vcards
 +- Contacts (and user management) through LDAP
 +4.) Files
 +- Make a folder in the filesystem available (enhancement: filter for certain file types)
 +5.) Full synchronisation through i.e funambol
 +- Synchronise notes, calendar, contacts and messages between opengoo and a mobile phone
 +=====Contributors =====
 +[[http://forums.fengoffice.com/index.php?action=profile;u=3511| aenor]]
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