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Exporting Reports to PDF

The Reporting module has been introduced in order to retrieve your data in the form of information.

How does exporting to PDF work

Because of all the different languages and characters encoding, we suggest using the native printing option of your browser. First thing you have to do is, go to Reporting, and select the report you want to run and then export

Then, please select the Print view option. A new window will now open, and then you have to follow the steps according to your browser as shown below


A pop-up window should appear with the known printers. In this list you should select “Print to file”, then the destination folder and the name of the new file (in the example screenshot the destination is the desktop and the name is mozilla) .

Finally, in order to download it click Print on the bottom of the window

Google Chrome

A pop-up window should appear showing the report. On the option panel on the left, there are several options.

  1. Destination: click “change” and select “Save as PDF”
  2. Pages: select all
  3. Layout: Portarait or Landscape, select the one that fits best with your report
  4. Margins: select Default
  5. Options: select “Headers and footers” or “Backgroud colour and images” according to your preferences

Internet Exprorer

To be documented.


To be documented.


To be documented.


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