Open Source

Feng Office is Open Source software. You can download the free and Open Source Feng Office Community Edition, to install and run on any compatible server, to use it at no charge, forever.

In order to install Feng Office on your own Server you need to correctly setup a Web Server (We recommend Apache) with up to date PHP, and an up to date MySQL database with InnoDB support.

If you just want to try out Feng Office you can sign up for a free account here.

More features and support services

The Feng Office team develops advanced plugins and templates for larger teams, corporations and specific business needs. These plugins are available in our more advanced editions.

If you plan on using Feng Office on a Business Environment we recommend that you check out our Implementation, Training, Support and Consulting Services.

Check out pricing for the Essential, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.

Community Edition

The Community Edition is free for everyone to Download. It is the recommended download for Technical Personal Use, Academic Research, and non Business-Critical Installations.

Download Feng Office Community Edition

Advanced Editions

You can purchase the entire set of plugins that make up each advanced edition (Essential, Professional and Enterprise Editions) to download and install locally. If you have purchased an advanced edition and need to download it again, please contact your Account Executive to assist you on the download procedures.

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