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A collection of wishes for next christmas.

bigger issues - lobby for those

  • General: Real live two-way sync of addresses, tasks and calendar entries (not anytime soon)
  • General: Slim version for narrowband access (Mobile phone layout)
  • General: Drag&Drop reordering of tasks (Notes, Documents)
  • Forum: Threaded Notes (=Forum) for discussions. Better idea for a forum was outlined by this thread - have a separate app that combines all comments on objects, because every commentable object can be a discussion. That page would be sortable by latest additions, types of objects, tags and of course workspaces.
  • Documents: Drag & Drop Uploader - e.g. a “Drop Box” icon that contains a java app. See HTTP file upload with drag and drop.
  • Documents: better management for images (to facilitate uploading, collecting and using images) - e.g. mash up ogoo with gallery.
  • Documents: “Servlets”, Content modules that can be embedded in HTML documents, to be parsed on opening the doc (e.g. database access scripts)
  • General: Scalability: Notes, Web links and Documents can't have sub-notes or sub-documents, and their views cannot be groupes as the task view can - that makes me fear the moment when there might be 500 web links in a project.
  • Better Calendar visualisation:

Nice to have

  • General: Formatted Text throughout - also for comments, Notes.
  • General: Deep links, linking documents as comfortably as linking tasks.
  • Calendar: additional field: Location for calendar entries (ical standard?!)
  • Address Book: faster address book a la reload as you type; quick display of all important contact fields; copy full contact info to clipboard; pastebox to fill in a contact with a few simple validations trying to automatically extract name street, zip, city etc.
  • Notes: The notes list cannot be ordered. Notes and comments can't have styled text. Comments should be foldable for some sort of “expanded list” view of all current notes in the order of update - that, then, would essentially be a forum application.
  • General: Archiving projects so that they disappear from the various treeviews.
  • Documents: More preview visualisers for documents, (preferrably flash-based) i.e. viewing PDFs, or CAD files right within the browser, in-line.
  • General: Would need more functions for bulk-editing objects, e.g. exporting links, changing workspace, changing properties of multiple items at once, etc. - could this be a centralized function set underneath the search function?
  • Scalability: Admin Users panel shows only about 6 Users at a time - the layout could be much more compact.
  • when allowing users from another company access to a workspace, there is a folding menu that takes up half a screen. And it doesn't fold back, so when i want to grant access to 5 external users the page becomes much too long.

Things I could probably fix myself

  • Calendar: new tasks must be at least 15 minutes; tasks are set to “all day” by default, even after setting a time.
  • Tasks: Milestones can only have a date, but no time.
  • Documents: URL beautifier: Enter “” and it will forward you to - obviously this could be done with mod_rewite, but perhaps this one is more portable.
  • Calendar: The add new event overlay is much too sparse. Should have workspace selector, end time, tag field in initial view already. should allow for precise start and end times (think: train schedule?). Ability to enter absolute end time when creating a new calendar entry (not just start time + length); better datetime widget. Events can't be multiple days long (simply because the timepicker doesn't allow) and can't have odd starting minutes.
  • better confirmation text for new events - currently doesn't inform you if you need to cinfirm a date!


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