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Setting up development on Windows

The purpose of this section is to explain an Feng Office development environment on Windows. First we'll go over what you need to run Feng Office locally, then how to install the EasyEclipse IDE, and finally do some coding and show how to generate and submit patches for inclusion in the official Feng Office download.

Running Feng Office locally

Running Feng Office locally on your development computer lets you easily test any changes without having to go through the pain of constantly uploading and downloading to/from a remote server. We're going to assume a plain vanilla installation of Windows without any web server or database server installed.

  1. Download and install XAMPP, this is the easiest way to get Apache w/PHP support and MySQL running on your Windows computer
  2. Verify Apache is running by hitting your localhost
  3. Verify MySQL is running by opening a command window and logging in to your server using the command mysql -u root -p
  4. Install the latest version of Feng Office on to your local computer.
    1. Download the latest Feng Office source
    2. Find your XAMPP htdocs directory, typically this will be C:\xampp\htdocs and extract the Feng Office source there
    3. Rename the Feng Office source folder to just og. This is very important since og is the name of the Feng Office project in the EasyEclipse .project file.
    4. Complete the installation by following the Feng Office installation instructions.
  5. Verify your Feng Office installation by logging in

Once you've completed all the steps you will have a perfectly usable Feng Office installation on your local computer. At this point, if you prefer to work without an IDE, you can happily hack away at the php source files and view your changes on your local computer without having to upload files to a remote server. You can also use any of your favorite MySQL database tools to log in to your locally running MySQL server and modify the Feng Office database.

In my opinion working with an IDE is the way to go, I'll describe how to get the EasyEclipse IDE up and running in the next section.

Installing EasyEclipse IDE

The .project file included in the Feng Office source download is an EasyEclipse project file. This makes integrating Feng Office with the EasyEclipse IDE literally a 3 click process.

  1. Download and install EasyEclipse, on the link below scroll down to “EasyEclipse for PHP
  2. TODO explain changing workspace to Feng Office install dir, import, refresh



Generating and submitting a patch



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