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How to Add a User, Contact, or Company in Feng Office

When adding a person in Feng Office you are doing one of two things:

  1. You are creating a new user (so that they can access the system)
  2. Simply adding the contact information (for reference, e-mailing, etc)

For every person in Feng Office you will at least have the contact information.

Adding a person

There currently are several ways in which you can create a new person in Feng Office:

  1. Dashboard widget quick add
  2. Administration Panel add
  3. List-view add

Dashboard widget quick add

When you log in to Feng Office, you will notice a Dashboard with several widgets. On your right, you may see one similar to the following:

In that widget you will be able to see some of the people who has last had activity in the project, client, folder or workspace you are at.

You may also be able to create a new user as well by inputting all the data required, which you may notice inside the red perimeter in the previous picture.

The following are the fields you need to complete:

  • New person: New person name (i.e.: John Doe)
  • Email: Email of the person you are adding (i.e.:
  • Company: The company this person belongs to (i.e.: The Agency - Advertising Experts)
  • Wil this person use Feng Office?: Enabled if you are creating a user. Disabled if creating a contact.
  • User type: This value will be used to limit the user permissions (i.e.: administrator)


After you fill in all the details, please click on the 'Add' button. Then, an email will be sent to the email you input so that the person can set up his own password.

IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that AFTER you add the user, you will have to grant him permissions before you are able to share information or assign tasks to the user you have just created

We strongly suggest reading this page in order to correctly set them up.

Administration Panel add

You can add Feng Office users on the administration panel too.

Here is how:

1. Go to the settings panel.

2. Click on 'Users, Groups and Permissions', and then on 'Add user'

Click on "User" or "Add user"

3. Enter the person information

Enter user information

  • Note: After entering the user, it is always recommended that you check the user permissions that the system assigned by default. You may want to add or remove access permissions to the new user.

List-view or Contacts Tab Add

To add a person on the Contact-list view, you have to:

  1. On the “People” Panel, Select View All.
    1. Otherwise, if your Contacts tab is enabled, Select it.
  2. Click on the “New” button. Then, select “Person”.
  3. Enter the Person's information.
  4. Save by clicking on the “Add person” button.

Providing access permissions to a person

There are several ways to provide access permissions to a person.

For a complete explanation of users access and system permissions, please refer to this section.

Importing contacts through a .CSV file or a VCard file

Feng Office allows you to upload your contacts through the CSV or VCard file importation as a much quicker and easier method of uploading.

In order to do so, first you must enable the Contacts Module (shown as People under tabs), which may come disabled by default. See the following link that explains module activation: How to Enable a Module.

Once it is enabled, you must do the following:

  1. Access the Client, Project, Folder, Workspace, etc. where the contacts will be imported at
  2. Access the People tab
  3. Click on Import/Export, and select Import
  4. Select Persons
  5. Select whether you will be using a CSV file or a VCard file as shown below:

CSV Importation

You must first choose the file you will be using to import the contacts from.
Important Notes

  1. You should not disable the option that says “First row contains Field Names”.
  2. You may choose a different delimiter in case it is not a comma (Default).

After selecting the files, please match the Feng Office fields (on your left) with the fields brought by the file chosen (on your right).

After doing this, simply click on Import.

VCard Importation

1. You must first select the .vcf file that you want to import:

2. Once the file is chosen, you will receive this notification:

3. Now simply double-click on the Contacts Tab or click on the Back button, and your new added contact will appear like this:


4. Now finally click on your new added contact to see the detailed information or edit the contact from the action panel:

Adding a company

Adding a 'Company' serves several purposes in Feng Office:

  1. It allows you to input numerous contact information for the company
  2. It allows you to group the people related on the same company
  3. It allows you to quickly classify and access all information related to the company

To add a company in Feng Office, you must do the following:

  1. Select View All on the NavBar and Go to your Contacts Tab.
  2. Click on the ”+ New” Button.
  3. Select “Company”

Add New Company

After doing this, enter the Company's information

Enter the Company information

  • Make sure to enter all the contact information that you have for the company

Finally, click on the “Add Company” button.

You will now see the company displayed in the navigation panel and in the dashboard as shown here:

New company is displayed

  • Note: In some installations, the first company that is added may not be displayed right away. This only happens with the first company that you add. Hitting 'refresh' on your browser fixes this issue.


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