Eric Schmidt leaves Google to join Feng Office

Due to several conflicts in recent days, Eric Schmidt has decided to leave his current position as Google CEO. He is currently in advanced negotiations with Feng Office.

newceopictureSchmidt was forced to resign to Apple’s board of directors recently due to his position in Google and was forced to quit Google because he didn’t agree with their last corporate decision regarding Google’s name change to Topeka.

“I had to start anew and decided that this was the way to go”, said Eric Schmidt to the Feng Blog during our last interview. When asked about why he chose Feng Office he answered: “Why not? I had been using Feng Office secretly at Google HQ in order to keep my information private. I am confident that as CEO of Feng Office I will be able to make Feng Office grow to be the most successful Open Source application ever.”

Former CEO of Feng Office Conrado Vi

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  1. Rob says:

    April Fools! :)

  2. Patrick says:


  3. David says:

    Great post. You had me going, then I thought …nooooo . what is the date on the post! Sure enough! April Fools. You got me a beauty! Keep up the good work Fengers!

  4. sowens says:

    wow. never thought somebody could give up google for anything else. hahaha. really fooled for the 1st read. lol. ;-)

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