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Subscribing people to objects

Subscriptions are very handy when you want to follow and observe certain an object or an ongoing discussion.

When we talk about objects we mean: tasks, notes, documents, events, etc.

When you subscribe users to an object, it means that all of the subscribers will be receiving an email notification for every action or comment made in the future. Actions could be modifications, deletions, completing a task, opening a task, due tasks reminders, etc.

Note: The address the notification e-mails are sent to is the one you have specified for the user accounts.

Subscribing and unsubscribing

You may subscribe and unsubscribe people by following 3 easy steps as shown in the picture below:

Subscribing oneself

On the following screenshot you can see an object with currently two other subscribers:

To subscribe to this object simply click Subscribe. This changes the subscribers' list to the following one:

To unsubscribe, simply click Unsubscribe.


You will realize that you get notification e-mails for every object you have created or commented on without having subscribed to it. This is the autosubscription feature of Feng Office that creates a subscription for you. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time if you wish.

Objects you can subscribe to

As said before subscribing is related to comments. Consequently you can only subscribe to objects that allow comments. These are the following:


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