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Project Management

The project management module enables comprehensive monitoring of projects and project portfolios, from their initial elaboration as a proposal or draft, through cost baseline budgeting, approval; to the execution, control, follow-up and closure phases. This plug-in adds a specialized dimension to the system, an integration with all modules, management reports, control panels, and a workflow and formula engine that enable the automatic setup (or semi-automatic) of every activity needed for the correct attention and support of the project, as well as its financial control and follow-up. The projects module can also be combined with the clients module.

The project management suite is composed of several modules (each of them optional and configurable) for managing personnel, tasks and activities, milestones, expenses, income, materials, indicators, risks, and the rest of the management areas needed for a professional management of our projects. The flexibility in the configuration and integration of each module allows the system to adjust exactly to your business management methodology.

It includes the following features and dimensions:

NOTE: These features are only available for the Professional and Enterprise editions of Feng Office.


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