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Objects Requirements Customization

Some users may want to add special restrictions when adding objects into Feng Office. There are several different ways to accomplish this approach.

Objects must not be unclassified

One of them being the following one: “Objects must not be unclassified”, which may mean they must always be added within projects or clients

In this case, we would need to do the following:

  1. Get into the database
  2. Look for the fo_dimensions table
  3. Change the is_required value of the desired dimension (be it clients and projects, workspaces, etc.) from 0 to 1

From now on, if you try adding something when standing in View all, a message will appear saying you must be somewhere else before adding it.

A specific object must be classified somewhere

Now.. lets say you want tasks to be classified in projects only.

In order to achieve this, you must do as following:

  1. Get into the database
  2. Look into the fo_object_types table and look for the desired dimension member (i.e.: projects) whose type is dimension_object.. and know its id, which we will call dimension_member_id not to get confused
  3. Now look again into the fo_object_types table and look for the desired object type (i.e.: tasks) whose type is content_object.. and know its id, which we will call object_type_id not to get confused
  4. Get into the fo_dimension_object_type_contents table and look for the rows that match dimension_member_id with dimension_object_type_id and then object_type_id with content_object_type_id
  5. Once you find the rows, change the is_required value from 0 to 1
  6. Voila!!


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