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Regular Login Screen - Direct URL

The regular login screen is what you see when you write the direct URL for your Feng Office installation.

You will be able to log into all Feng Office installations using either your email or your username. This way you can avoid having to remember yet-another-username.

Language Settings

By cliking on “Options” you will be able to select one of the many languages you would like to have your Feng Office installation at.

Recovering a forgotten password

If you forgot your password, click the Send a new password link on the login screen. You will get a form that allows you to request a new password. Since e-mails are sent unencrypted you should change this temporary password immediately after the first login in your user account.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only request a new password with an e-mail address that is already stored in an existing user account, and the new password will be sent to that address. If you get an error message you have probably been using Feng Office with another e-mail address.

Feng Sky Login

If you have a Feng Sky account, you may log-in on almost any page of the website.

In most cases, you will be automatically redirected to your Feng Office.

If you have more than one Feng Office installation, the site will provide you with the list of your available installations, also called “accounts”.

If the system does not automatically log you in, or does not present you with the installation options, please contact Feng Office Support team, your Feng Office account executive, or your organization Technical Support representative.

Timeout Login

If you have been inactive for a certain time, Feng Office logs you out for security reasons. This is called a session timeout. You can log in again using this special login dialog appearing automatically:


The logout link is located in the upper right corner of the screen next to the name of the logged-in user:


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