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The Feng Office developers' documentation

Setting up a development Environment

  • Windows - Setting up development on Windows for one developer
  • Linux - TODO ( LAMP + EasyEclipse ) Setting up development on Linux for one developer
  • Team Development - TODO (subversion server, subversion plugin for Eclipse, check-in/out ect) Setting up development on Windows and Linux for multiple developers sharing one code base
  • Instructions on Sourceforge CVS - Feng Office CVS Respository is currently hosted on Sourceforge (under the project named opengoo) .


Script snippets by Forum Users

These are largely uncommented, and may not present ideal implementations. However they may be insightful. Note that you have to be logged in as a forum user in order to see the downloadable attachments of the forum posts!

To be continued….

Outdated Script snippets

These have been superseded by corresponding features in later releases of Feng Office. So we're only keeping them here for possible reference.

Feng Office Development Documentation

Development Documentation - Collection of documentation on new modules, ideas, specifications, instructions, etc. It is used by the Feng Office Development Team to plan new features.

1) does not work for repeating events - only the first occurrence of a repeating event is synced; does not sync alarms (tested on Lightning 0.9)


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