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在Feng Office中搜索

Feng Office提供的全文检索功能,允许您搜索任何对象类型的信息。


Searching in Feng Office is quite straight forward and does not need much explanation. Nevertheless you should know the following:

  • Searching takes always place in the currently selected workspace. This can help to narrow your search. On the other hand: If you don't find what you expect, set the workspace to All for a global search. (Users and contacts can be found regardless of the selected workspace as a consequence of the contacts permission anomaly)
  • You can enter several words in the search field. Feng Office will then find any information that contains all of these words. If you would like to search only for a specific phrase, then put it into quotes.
  • Asterisks (*) are wildcards. Document* will match Document and Documents but Document will only match Document.
  • You can search within online editable documents and presentations as well. But you can't search within Word documents, PDFs and similar uploaded documents.
  • In your user preferences you can choose between Full search and Quick search (default).
  • The Quick search engine uses MySQL indexes for searching which makes it quick, but has some limitations: It can't find words shorter than 4 characters (unless MySQL is configured to index them). Read more: MySQL manual
  • The Full search engine can find more results but will be real slow with too much data. It has no length limit. Before 1.6.2 it only matched the whole search phrase but now it matches individual words.
  • Some examples: docu will match MyDocument in Full search but not in Quick search. a* will match all words starting with A in Quick search but it will match all words containig A in Full search.

快速搜索 字段



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