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Clients & Projects Basics

Selecting a client, a project, or a folder

The most obvious way for selecting a Client or a Project is to have the left sidebar open and to click on the Client or Project. As long as you don't hide your sidebar, this is the preferred method.

Moving Projects, Clients, and Folders

If you want to move a Project to a new or different client or folder, you can do so by:

  1. Going to the left panel
  2. Spot the project you want to move
  3. Click on the project you want to move
  4. Click on the 'edit' icon that shows to the right of the project you want to move
  5. On the 'Child of' tree, select the client or folder into which you want to organize this project
  6. Save changes

Archiving Clients and Projects

From the 2.1 version onwards, you may archive projects, clients or folders you do not need right now.

  1. Select the client, project, folder, workspace, etc. you would like to archive on the side bar on your left
  2. Click on the 'Edit' button
  3. Select 'Archive'

Deleting Clients and Projects

  1. Make sure the project doesn't have any information that you want to keep.
    1. Go to the 'Overview' tab
    2. Click on 'Show as list' on the top right corner of this tab
    3. Select all of the objects you may wish to delete by clicking on the first checkbox of the list
    4. Click on 'Send to trash' icon above or classify them through drag and drop somewhere else.
    5. If you sent them to the trash Access the 'Trash' through the bottom left corner icon, and delete the objects from there as well.
    6. You should also look into 'Archived' objects as well in case there are any.
  2. Select the client, project, folder, workspace, etc. you would like to delete on the side bar on your left
  3. Click on the 'Edit' button
  4. Select 'Delete'

This process may be a bit long right now, but its behaviour is due to extra security measures as there have been users deleting information they forgot they had there. In the near future, we will be working on improvements that will not make it so troublesome to delete complete Folders, Clients or Projects. On the other hand, please bear in mind you may also use the Archive feature as well!


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