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How to backup Feng Office

This page is about how to backup your Feng Office installation manually. If you want to learn about the backup plugin that allows you to create backups from the administration panel, please see the page Backup (Plugin).

What needs to be backed up?

  • The folder where Feng Office is installed
  • The database being used by Feng Office

What information do you need

  • The path to your Feng Office installation (e.g. /var/www/feng)
  • The database connection information used by Feng Office. You can find it in your 'config/config.php' file.
    • database (DB_NAME)
    • host (DB_HOST, usually localhost)
    • username (DB_USER)
    • password (DB_PASS)

How to back up Feng Office

  • Create a folder where you will place the backup (e.g. /path/to/backup)
  mkdir /path/to/backup
  • Copy Feng Office's folder to the backup folder
  cp -R /var/www/feng /path/to/backup
  • Create a dump of Feng Office's database. MySQL includes a command called mysqldump. You can use that command or some other tool like phpMyAdmin or MySQL GUI Tools. Here we will see the first two:

A) mysqldump (replace words between brackets for the correct values)

  mysqldump -h [host] -u [username] -p [database] > /path/to/backup/db.sql

B) phpMyAdmin

  1. Select Feng Office's database
  2. Click “Export”
  3. Select to export to “SQL
  4. Select to export the “Structure” as well as the “Data”
  5. Select to “Save as file”
  6. Click on “Go” and save the generated file to /path/to/backup/db.sql
  • Optionally, compress the contents of the backup folder to save some disk space.

How to restore a backup

  • Copy the backed up installation folder to your web server
  cp -R /path/to/backup/feng /var/www
  • Execute the backup database script (db.sql). You can do this with the mysql command, in phpMyAdmin or MySQL GUI Tools.

A) mysql command

  mysql -h [host] -u [user] -p [database] < /path/to/backup/db.sql

B) phpMyAdmin

  1. Select Feng Office's database
  2. Click “Import”
  3. Choose the database script created on backup (/path/to/backup/db.sql)
  4. Click “Go”


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Florence Lo, 2009-10-01 01:39

How to export the contact info into either MS Excel or MS Access??

Marcos Saiz, 2010-09-02 16:11

On the Contacts Tab click on the Import/Export toolbar button. CSV format is compatible with MS Excel.

Andy, 2010-09-02 15:21

Can I export and “import” also the contact data to excel? is there any way at all? Above question is not answered…

Marcos Saiz, 2010-09-02 16:10

Yes, in the Contacts Tab click on the Import/Export toolbar button. Supported formats are CSV and VCARD.

Dave, 2011-03-13 13:01

How can i fix the issue i have. If i open feng after working fine for a month I only get a white screen now. nothing happens anymore. can somebody help me out here.

Jay, 2011-06-25 17:19

Hello Dave,

I am currently having the same issue. Have you received any fix for this?

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